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Paws For Thought: Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Grooming Houston

corgi dog

When it comes to care and dog grooming Houston of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, don’t be fooled by the breed’s small stature. The corgi packs a big personality in a very small package. While they are agreeable little dogs, they are also very energetic and outgoing, requiring a firm but loving hand to rein in … Read more

Paws for Thought: Poodle Care and Dog Grooming Houston

Poodle Care and Dog Grooming Houston

Poodles are famous for elaborate dog grooming Houston of their distinctive curly coats. Their origins in France (they are the national dog breed) and their often fancy coiffures have led many to believe that the poodle is “fancy.” However, the opposite is true, as they were originally bred as hunting dogs tasked with retrieving ducks … Read more

Should I Be Worried About My Pet Getting the Coronavirus From Dog Grooming Houston?

My Pet Getting the Coronavirus From Dog Grooming Houston

If you’re looking for dog grooming Houston, you may be concerned about your pet contracting the novel coronavirus. Though there’s ample information about the virus’s threat to humans, data on its impact on domesticated animals is more sparse. Here’s everything you need to know to keep yourself, your family, and your furry companions safe during … Read more