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My Pet Credentials: How It Works

My Pet Credentials helps pet owners to show proof of vaccinations. Without this technology, people would need to lug around paperwork every time they bring their pets in for checkups at the vet, make use of grooming services, or hire pet sitters. Failure to do this could put other pets or even professionals at risk. It can also lead to a denial of service or even legal troubles, such as traveling with a dog across state lines or country borders.

One of the big reasons people often feel reluctant to use apps for vaccination & record storage is that they are not sure of how it works. How do they input the information? What are the steps for retrieving it when they need it?

The Steps To Follow

manage their pets’ records via apps on Android and Apple devices

Pet owners can get their profiles set up in just three easy steps. After this, they can manage their pets’ records via apps on Android and Apple devices.

  1. Create a Profile

When creating an account, there are three types to choose from. These include the veterinarian, pet salon, and pet owner(s). After selecting the pet owner profile, pet owners can try a free 30-day trial with no obligation.

For those who decide to keep using My Pet Credentials after the trial expires, the fee is only $16.99 per year.

Pet profiles are then attached to owner profiles. When creating the pet’s profile, the system generates a unique tracking number for each pet. This is known as an MPC Security Number. Use this number to order customized tags.

While most pet owners use this app for their cats and dogs, almost any animal makes a good candidate. Even farmers can use the app to keep track of livestock.

  1. Upload Information

Pet owners who frequent the vet have a lot of records to upload. This is especially true for farmers, people who own exotic pets, and people with sick pets. Here are a few of the documents to add:

  • Licenses granted by a jurisdiction or the USDA
  • Insurance information
  • AKC records
  • Microchip ID number
  • Rabies tag number
  • Allergies
  1. Authorize Relevant Parties

When pet owners authorize professionals, they have access to the records all day, every day. This eliminates the need to bring in or fax documents related to an animal’s health. Pet owners and other authorized parties receive notifications whenever the vet authorizes vaccinations.

When professionals have 24/7 access to all records, it also becomes easier to schedule appointments. Instead of calling in or sending an email, pet owners can use the app. This is especially useful for people who may work shifts and are not always awake or available during regular business hours.

The Benefits

Benefits of using My Pet Credentials

There are several other routes pet owners can take to show proof of vaccinations and to store records. These include printing the information, traveling with a thumb drive, or using cloud information. Each of these options is advantageous for the right person, but most modern-day pet owners will enjoy the additional benefits of using My Pet Credentials:

Easy Updates: It’s not always easy to update printed records or thumb drives. Pet owners need to remember to do this manually. They may also need access to a printer or PC. It’s easy to update records via the app with a smartphone or tablet.

Timely Reminders: Most pet owners have let their pets’ vaccinations expire at least once. It is easy to forget until the vet calls, especially for pet owners who travel frequently. The app sends out reminders so pet parents can plan.

Holistic Information: Most people only store the basic information needed for their pets. With My Pet Credentials, pet owners are encouraged to add even the feeding instructions for their animals.

Peace of Mind: All pet owners worry about losing their pets. The app reduces this anxiety by offering a lost and found feature. It uses all the information available about a pet and ties it together to make it easier to identify the owners when they are found by someone else.

At the Dog House Salon, our workers rely on updated pet records. This helps us ensure that your dog and everyone else’s pose and face no health risks while visiting our salon. This is especially important for our dog boarding and daycare services. Give us a call at 713-820-6147 to get answers to any questions you may have about My Pet Credentials and how to get started.


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