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Over 25+ Years

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8,000+ Satisfied Clients

Over 25+ Years of Success with 8,000+ Satisfied Clients

The Dog House Pet Salon has become the pet grooming center for all animal lovers & owners in Houston. With over 25+ Years of pet grooming experience, we’ve been successfully delivering a pet’s paradise to our clients & their furry friends. Our level of care & attention to detail is unmatched in the industry, and that’s what has kept our community growing & returning for decades.

Searching for the best dog groomers in Houston? Look no further, we’re the best in the business for a reason. Please schedule your dog or cat grooming appointment today to give your furry friends the experience of their dreams.

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Our Pet Grooming Service

Groomed to Perfection

Whether you’re a dog or cat owner, we’ll treat and love them as our own. We believe in creating soothing pet grooming experiences for your pets. Professional pet grooming is our passion.

First, our Dog Bathing Treatments are personalized to your pets’ unique needs. Our standard bathing includes ear cleaning, blow drying, and full-body examination. We blow dry each pet by hand to get rid of any stubborn undercoat.

After their calm & soothing bathing experience, it’s time for a trim. Many dogs may feel anxious around clippers, but through our many years of experience, we have learned exactly how to create the calm grooming environment your pet needs to enjoy the experience.. Whether you need dog grooming in Pearland or right in Houston, our experts will make sure your dog is happy and calm throughout the entire experience.

Ready to Treat Your Furry Friend?

Our Pet Grooming Packages

We Offer Two Types of Pet Grooming Services

Complete Groom

  • Meet with the groomer to discuss your desired haircut
  • A complete bath
  • A complete brush out (de-matting coat $10 / 15 minutes)
  • Anal glands expressed (external)
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Nail clip (file or grind is additional $10)
  • Breed or client requested haircut

Basic Groom

  • A complete bath
  • A complete brush out (de-matting coat $10 / 15 Minutes)
  • Anal glands expressed (external)
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Nail clip (file or grind is additional $10)
  • Trimming of the Face, trimming the butt and leg feathers, shaving the privates and paw pads. (Body trimming is considered a Complete Groom)

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Our Pet Grooming Academy

Creating World-Class Groomers One Student at a Time

Our dedication to shaping world-class pet groomers stems from our unwavering commitment to providing all animals with the highest quality of service. It’s our pet grooming mission to improve the level of care for pets by providing the world with more world-class groomers that will carry out our message & values.

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Our Dog Bathing Services

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Price: By Breed
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Price: By Breed
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$40 / Hour
pet grooming


$40 / Hour
pet grooming houston Dog Bathing


$40 / Hour
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$20 / Hour
Complete Grooming for Dog


$20 / Hour
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File Nails

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Brush Teeth

Dog Bathing

Difficulty Fee

pet grooming services

Rush Fee

pet grooming houston Dog Bathing

Paint Nails


Pricing can vary from breed to breed. Upon arrival with your pet, our groomers will consult with you to determine an exact price.



Love this place! I have been using them for years. I have taken my dog to a million different groomers, but this my got to. If you’re like me and not a good planner, then this is your spot. They’re able to squeeze me in last minute 90% of the time. Where others want an appointment 1-2 months in advance which is nuts. Great staff and my dog loves them. Price is in line with everyone else.

Ross Monsen

I have been using the dog house for weekend day care and grooming for a while and could not be happier with the way they treat my dog as well as myself. The staff is always friendly and accommodating and can tell they genuinely care about the dogs they look after. Finally as most German Shepherd owners know getting the dog dry after a bath is an impossible task yet some how the Dog House always is able to accomplish this!

Kevin Garnepudi

Alamo absolutely loves it here , they take awesome care of him while I am traveling for work . They are so good with all the pets , so I decided to donate five boxes worth of new Bark Box toys, so his friends and other pet parents could enjoy them .

William Gillespie

I’ve been taking Cooper here for about a year. He always leaves looking so fresh and clean! He is difficult when it comes to messing with his face and paws but I can tell they take their time with him. They have a punch program. After 10 punches you can get a free groom for your pup which is a great deal. He also ALWAYS leaves with a little bandana which is a huge perk here!

Tiffany Tegeler