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How to Clean Your Pets the Right Way

Dog Bathing: Let your pet strut its stuff in style, bring it to The Dog House Pet Salon

We will lather up your pet using the best bathing techniques and supplies. By keeping up with your four-legged friend’s cleaning rituals, you’ll safeguard its health and happiness.

Matted furs, skin irritation, and bug infections can be avoided with timely bath routines. Apart from keeping them healthy, bathing can also lower the stress levels and keep your fur baby happy.

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What Is Pet Bathing or Dog Bathing ?

Bathing Is An Essential & Healthy Process For All Animals

Matted furs, Irritated Skin, or Expressing Anal Glands are a Pet Owners worst nightmare but their essential to treat for a happy & healthy pet.

Proper Pet bathing is the method of eliminating these issues to ensure the complete wellbeing of your pet. In fact, clean pets have less irritations and lower stress levels on average!

Our word-class pet bathers pay extra attention to sores or growths on the skin that could lead to bigger problems. Plus, we do routine nail trimmings & ear cleanings to reduce the chances of irritation or infections (yes, we remove ear mites too!). Lastly, we brush your pet’s teeth to create a fresh clean smile for your arrival.

Pamper Your Loved One With:

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Our Soothing Dog Bathing Experience
Everything Your Pet Needs for the Perfect Wash

At The Dog House Pet Salon, our world-class bathers check your pets for any early signs of illnesses or injury. Everything from the conditions of the coat & skin, to any new bumps that may have grown. This soothing attention & care creates a calming mood for your pets to relax after a long day of play. Using only the highest quality shampoos & conditioners, we help to create that fresh clean feeling for your furry four-legged friend. 

Our Dog Bathing Services

A well-groomed dog


Price: By Breed

pet grooming houston


Price: By Breed

equipment for pet grooming


$30 / Hour

pet grooming


$30 / Hour

pet grooming houston Dog Bathing


$30 / Hour

pet grooming services


$20 / Hour

Complete Grooming for Dog


$20 / Hour

clipping the nails of a dog in the garden

File Nails


dog grooming in houston

Brush Teeth


Dog Bathing

Difficulty Fee


pet grooming services

Rush Fee


pet grooming houston Dog Bathing

Paint Nails


That pricing can vary and our groomers will price you upon arrival with an individual, 1:1 consultation with our head groomer.



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