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webcam camera

These are the settings for our camera mobile app or pet cams

You may download “NVMS7000” to your mobile phone, Select America, then select
USA, click the icon in the top left hand corner, select Devices, once
selected click the icon in the top right hand corner; select Manual Adding
and enter the below settings for the appropriate location……..

After you’ve entered the settings you will then select save in the top right corner and select 

Start Live View at the bottom of the screen.

Location5917 Richmond Ave
AliasDog Owners
Register ModeIP/Domain
IP Address96.73.83.249
User Nameclient
Camera No(will automatically populate)

Location6434 Washington Ave
AliasDHPS Washington
Register ModeIP/Domain
IP Address96.73.114.233
User Namedogowners
Camera No(will automatically populate)