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Paws for Thought: Pit Bull Tips

Pit bulls may be one of the most fun-loving, yet misunderstood dog breeds around. Their expressive faces will melt your heart if you let them. If you’re a lucky pit bull owner, come see us for the best dog grooming Houston to keep your Pittie looking and feeling their best.

pit bull tipsWhen you have one, you know they’re friendly, loyal, and love to cuddle. Yet, they have a mixed history that ranges from being bred to fight to America’s poster family dog.

To further confuse matters, the term “pit bull” isn’t a dog breed at all. Instead, it refers to a group of dogs descended from English bulldogs and terriers.

As a proud new pit bull owner or if you are considering getting one, it’s good to prepare yourself. A new dog requires a healthy diet, regular walks and playtime, dog grooming Houston, TX, and more.

“The term “pit bull” refers to a group of dogs descended from English bulldogs and terriers.”

Here are a few interesting facts and pitbull care tips.

The History of Pit Bulls History Dates to the Early 1800s

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Originating from English Bulldogs (and later crossed with the terriers), the British bred pit bull-type dogs were sporting animals. They were known for activities like a bear “baiting,” where they antagonized these creatures to death. After this was outlawed, these dogs were kept for “ratting” and dogfighting.

Despite their past, pit bulls are some of the most companionable dogs you’ll ever find. They love their “people.”

They’re also high energy and stubborn. Bred to work, they need an outlet for their energetic approach to life, or they can be destructive.

The Pit Bull Coat 

Pit bulls are known for their short and glossy coats. Yet, even short-haired dogs shed, and Pitties are no exception. To keep your pit bull’s coat looking beautiful and to minimize shedding, you’ll want to brush your dog at least weekly. If you’d like help with bathing, regular ear cleanings, and other dog hygiene necessities, consider dog grooming Houston to keep your Pittie looking and feeling great.

Types of Pit Bulls

Their blocky heads and squat bodies are distinctive looking, yet, you’ll find these qualities in a variety of dogs. These days, most people refer to “pit bulls” as any short-haired dog with a square head and small, floppy ears. Yet, true pit bulls have genes from one (or more) of these dog breeds.

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  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Pitbull Terrier (APBT)
  • The American Bulldog
  • American Staffordshire Terrier

These dogs were bred to hunt in some form or another. However, now the most hunting they may do at home is that of a favorite toy, but it’s a good idea to be aware of their history.

One tidbit you may not know is that they served as the nation’s mascot during WWII due to their hard-working and friendly disposition. When they visit our dog grooming Houston, TX salon, they’re sure to feel like kings and queens.

Pit Bull Personality Traits 

Pit bulls are incredibly loyal to their family, and they want to be with you all the time. While they’re friendly and enthusiastic, some pit bulls do best in a single pet household because they can be reactive around other animals.

However, others love other animals, so it’s totally on a case-by-case basis. Others do great with regular doggie daycare, which helps them burn off their energy while you’re a work.

Pit bulls are intelligent and highly trainable dogs. Though if you’re new to dog training, you may not realize just how firm you need to be with them. Like many smart dogs, Pit bulls are stubborn, and while they’ll listen to you if they think you mean it if there’s any doubt, they’ll be happy to do their own thing. At our dog grooming salon, we also offer dog training and tips to be a great dog owner.

“Pit bulls are intelligent and highly trainable dogs.”

Dog Day CarePit Bull Health Concerns 

Every dog has some genetic health concerns, and pit bulls are no different. Hip dysplasia, heart disease, and cataracts are common.

Pitbull breeds are medium size averaging 30-60 pounds. Hip dysplasia is common in medium and large dogs, and it can cause a break down in the cartilage around the hips leading to painful arthritis. Arthritis makes it painful to walk and get in and out of cars or go up steps.

Pit bulls are also prone to allergies, which can show up as a rash and other skin irritations. The best pet grooming Houston, TX, can help you keep an eye on your pit bull’s overall health and wellbeing.

Like the pit bulls themselves, every pit bull owner is fiercely loyal to their dogs.

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