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Pet Care: Why Grooming Is Important

Dog Grooming in Houston

Chances are that you enjoy dog grooming services in Houston more than your dog does. You enjoy the clean smell and the wonderful look of his coat. Meanwhile, he detests the unfamiliar smells and cannot wait to roll in the dirt or something stinky at the earliest opportunity. This is just the way most dogs are. Even so, keeping pets clean plays a crucial role in sharing a healthy home with them.

What Is Pet Grooming?

Most people associate pet grooming with canine care. There’s a good reason we don’t use dog-specific names for our grooming services. That’s because we take care of cats, too. And there is a lot more that goes into grooming an animal beyond a bath. Here are some of the many other services we provide: Dog Grooming in Houston

  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • De-matting fur
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail filing
  • De-ticking

Why Grooming Is Important

There are several reasons even cat owners turn to The Dog House for grooming services. Here are some of the many that will keep you coming back as well.

  1. Convenience

When you have to do the job yourself, you probably look forward to bath time less than your dog does. If you’re the lucky owner of a cat, the difficulty scale intensifies tenfold. Sometimes, it is just much easier to let someone else do the job so you can enjoy a stress-free evening. It may also spare you and your pet from injury.

  1. Improved Health

Dog Grooming in HoustonMany people wonder why cats even need help with grooming. They are without a doubt excellent groomers. However, as cats age or if they develop certain disorders, they may have difficulty taking care of themselves. This is where professionals can help. Your dogs’ health benefits from grooming too, particularly de-ticking and teeth brushing.

  1. Early Detection of Abnormalities

Some health problems can be avoided altogether if people get a heads-up early enough. If your pet gets groomed regularly, they will probably see the groomer far more often than a vet. Your groomer may be able to spot changes or abnormalities that develop. This may include hard lumps beneath the skin or gum disease. Detecting health issues sooner rather than later can help to ensure problems get taken care of before becoming severe.

  1. Home Furnishing Protection

Dog Grooming in HoustonSome cats are trained to use their cat scratchers and do so exclusively. Other cat owners are not as lucky. Keeping a cat’s nails filed help to protect your rug and furniture from scratching. It also prevents injury. Dogs do not usually intentionally scratch furniture, but like cats, they may unintentionally scratch people. Filing their nails helps here too.

  1. Breed-Specific Care

Some breeds have fur that mats easily. The longer and curlier the fur, the more likely this is. If you have ever visited an animal shelter when they were bringing in new dogs, then you probably know how bad this can get. Grooming regularly helps to prevent this. If the fur begins to mat anyway, then de-matting regularly is also helpful.

  1. Better Hygiene

cat groomer houstonYour pet probably sleeps with you in bed. If your pet is dirty from rolling around in the grass all day, then no amount of showering can make those bedsheets clean. If you have sensitive skin, this can create problems for you over time. You could also develop fleas and ticks. Because of this, keeping your dog clean helps to ensure you and the rest of the house is clean too.

  1. Aesthetics

One of the things pet owners love most about grooming services is sheer good looks. People with long-haired dogs especially appreciate fur that is sleek, shiny and healthy. Owners of pedigree dogs may also prefer to maintain breed-specific cuts, as is often the case with poodles. Many pet owners also enjoy when groomers add cute touches, such as a bow or tie.

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Dog Grooming in HoustonHow much your pet looks forward to being pampered at a spa made just for them will depend on the quality of care that groomers provide.

At The Dog House, we treat all pets as if they were our own. We offer not just pet grooming, but also boarding and doggie daycare. We have two locations in Texas. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

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