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How to Calm Puppies or Dogs New to Grooming?

Dogs go through their developmental stages just much as humans do. They have an assortment of emotions they exhibit depending on their age, and the rate of maturity of their breed.

This means sometimes it can be hard to predict how a puppy or an adult dog will respond to their first professional grooming appointment. As you walk into a pet grooming Houston salon, your pooch may show some level of anxiety. For example, some may experience mild irritability or discomfort, while others may shake, hide, or even become aggressive under stress. 

Needless to say, your dog’s first grooming trip to the dog grooming salon is special. With several ways to calm them, you can make each session a safer, more comfortable, and more pleasurable experience.

At The Dog House Pet Salon, our friendly staff of Houston grooming experts is well-trained to recognize the emotional needs of your pet and will guide you through every step of the grooming process.

Here’s how to ease your puppy’s or adult dog’s grooming jitters.  

For Puppies New to Grooming

A puppy after pet grooming Houston

New pups are notorious for being cute little balls of energy that can test the patience of the most loving of pet parents. Your initial approach will set the tone for their future experiences at the salon. So, here are some ways to mitigate your puppy’s grooming anxiety:

Prepare in Advance

For puppies, everything is new and exciting. Most puppies learn best between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks. So, getting a head start on the training process from Day 1 makes this transition much smoother.

“Early start of dog training makes the transition easier for your pet.”

One way to prepare your pup for the first salon visit is to work on basic obedience training such as “sit,” “stay,” and “lie down.” This will make sure the groomer-pooch connection is much easier with basic knowledge of commands.

Another way to acclimate your pup to social settings such as dog parks.

That way, your furry friend will feel comfortable interacting with other dogs at the pet salon in a civilized manner.

Get Your Puppy Used to Be Handled at Home

First things first, start by desensitizing your pup to the ‘touch’ associated with grooming.

A groomer cleaning a dog in sa salonOne of the common reasons pets freak out during their appointment is because they don’t like being touched in areas—such as their teeth, eyes, paws, tail, rear, and groin.

Start by gently touching and massaging these delicate parts of your pooch’s body. It helps to minimize feelings of being handled or manipulated by a strange person the day of the appointment.

Hopefully, as time passes, your furry friend’s anxiety will lessen as they begin to associate positive interactions with seeing local dog grooming Houston locations

Once your puppy is comfortable being handled, it is recommended to find a reputable grooming company that you can trust with your pup’s safety and pampering needs!

Typically, puppies begin seeing our dog grooming Houston, TX professionals grooming service when they are about 10-12 weeks old or following their second round of vaccines.

Introduce Grooming Tools at Home

One way you can make your pet to feel comfortable around grooming tools is to begin slowly incorporating them into your pup’s daily grooming routine.

A good way to start is by gently brushing your pup daily. Then, gradually increase the power of your brush strokes over time. You can also power on hair clippers or blow dryers near your dog to familiarize them with the sound.

Reinforce Desired Behavior with Rewards

a white pup in a gardenWhen it comes to puppy training, using treats as positive reinforcement is a great rule of thumb.

One method is to strategically place various tools in close vicinity to your pet — giving praise in response for remaining quiet and calm in response.

After the initial sniff, reward your pet when they step closer to the equipment. If the pup responds with a growl or backs away from the tools, practice saying “no” to discipline poor behavior.

If at any point if your pup freaks out, remove the object causing the reaction until it is out of their view, and try again later. Remember, consistency is key!

For Adult Dogs New to Grooming

As your dog matures from a playful puppy to a reliable Golden Oldie, their grooming needs naturally change. If you have just adopted an adult dog; or are trying to acclimate your senior dog, you may want to make sure they won’t react in a disorderly manner.

Try spending some time with your dog before visiting a pet grooming Houston outlet, So, you can better predict how your dog will handle the whole ordeal.

“The grooming needs are different for adult dogs.”

Tread Lightly and Gently with Senior Dogs

A dog sitting with a ballOlder dogs are more prone to experiencing sensory overload at the groomers because of their heightened sensitivity to loud noises. In this sense, it is best to expose them to the sounds and smells of the grooming tools gradually that they will likely encounter during their session.

Then, for optimum safety, it is best to trust a certified dog grooming Houston expert to take over who is qualified to train and use the tools on your pets.

Practice Patience

Training an older dog to feel safe and comfortable at a pet grooming salon is a slow process and should be left for professional groomers to handle best. At The Dog House Pet Salon in Houston, TX, our groomers are the most qualified experts in the industry, know how to identify emotions, and handle pets with care.

A regular grooming schedule helps maintain a healthy coat and skin of your pet. Besides, these visits may result in early detection of problems or infections with ears, skin, teeth, and more.

Enjoy Attentive Pet Grooming Houston Services at The Dog House Pet Salon

Enjoy the hygienic care extended by the experienced and attentive pet groomers at The Dog House Pet Salon. We help ensure your pet has a soothing, luxurious, and stress-free experience during each of their grooming sessions.

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