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The Importance of Storing Your Pet’s Medical Records

There’s no doubt in most people’s minds that storing their medical records is important. Without them, you can struggle to get optimal care with new providers, such as when you move across the country. What about your pets? Should you also make special arrangements to hold onto their medical records by using My Pet Credentials and other available options?

Why Do You Need To Store Your Pet’s Medical Records?pet getting a medical records tag

There are several instances where you may need to reference medical records for your pet’s health and safety. Storing your pet’s medical records can also come in handy to save their lives. Below are some instances where having your pet’s medical records is a priority.

  1. Emergency Visits

In the case of an emergency, your pet’s vet may not be available. If this happens, another professional’s ability to reference pet records is crucial. The medical records provide all the information the new vet needs to make recommendations based on health history or any allergic reactions to medicine in the past.

  1. Legal Requirements

Some states have laws in place when it comes to vaccination requirements for pets; especially dogs, rodents, and exotic animals. The biggest concern in most states is to ensure they are not carriers of rabies. Storing medical records in a readily accessible place is important just in case you ever need to submit this information if requested.

  1. Travel Plans

One instance when you may have a legal obligation to present your pet’s medical records is during interstate and international travel. Many states require a health certificate or other document to show that your pet is current on all required vaccinations.

  1. Routine Services

Even if you leave your pet at home while traveling, good boarding facilities require proof that your pet is healthy and has all its shots. Other professionals that sometimes require proof of vaccinations include doggie daycares, pet groomers, and dog trainers. Some pet sitters may also ask for proof to protect themselves and their own pets.

What To Use for Vaccination & Record Storagedog at grooming facility houston texas

Storing large binders with your pet’s medical data is a good option, but over time, documents may get lost, torn, or damaged. Here are some different ways you can easily store your pet’s information.

  1. Apps

There are countless apps on the market that you can take advantage of. My Pet Credentials is one of the most popular. It is commonly used by pet owners, veterinarians, and pet salons. Apps are currently the most convenient option because you can take the information with you everywhere you go via your smartphone.

  1. Cloud Services

Some people prefer to store their pet’s information via services they are already familiar with. Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox are just some of the many options available. Uploading the documents is usually easy, however you only have access to them as long as you have an internet connection.

  1. Thumb Drive

Some people are wary of sharing their information on online platforms, no matter what kind of encryption services they use. If this describes you, keeping a thumb drive handy can be useful. The downside to this is that you may not have a platform to insert the drive and access the information any time you want. You could also lose the drive.

What To Include in the App

If you use the My Pet Credentials app, the fields will guide you through the type of information you are required to include. When you use a physical file, thumb drive, or personal cloud services, you have to decide what is important on your own.

  • Photos: Most people keep an updated photo of their pets on their smartphones. If you don’t use a smartphone, then get one printed. Keep one in your wallet and add it to the file so that you have it everywhere you go. An updated picture makes it easier to identify your pet.
  • Vaccinations: Some jurisdictions and services require more than just a rabies shot, so keep a full file of all the vaccinations your pet has received so far. Usually, the up-to-date shots are more important than the historical records of shots.
  • Disabilities: Is your pet old, blind in one eye, or a cancer survivor? Any characteristic that might mean an animal is not 100% healthy is worth noting. This helps professionals have a better understanding on how to handle and care for them.

Pet vaccination and record storage is not as complicated as many people might think it is. If you make a commitment to keep up with it, accessing pet services can be much easier. It may even save your pet’s life one day. Download the My Pet Credentials today and have your pet’s medical records easily accessible.


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