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You May Want To Research Dog Grooming Houston Because Now Is the Perfect Time To Adopt

Dog grooming Houston may not be on everyone’s minds during this time of crisis, but perhaps it should be. During the unprecedented spread of a deadly disease, humans aren’t the only ones suffering. All across the nation, animals are filling up shelters. Usually, these organizations promote adoption and fostering with fun events, but stay at home orders have made these impossible in many places. Unfortunately, this has crippled the shelters’ ability to make room for incoming abandoned pets.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to help. By fostering or adopting an animal, you can reduce the strain on nonprofit organizations and even experience a few benefits yourself.

Shelters Don’t Stop Caring for Animals

Shelters Don’t Stop Caring for Animals

Shelters in states with social distancing orders have closed their doors to prospective families, but that doesn’t mean they’ve shut down. Animal shelters are considered “essential” in many states, which means they’re still caring for pets. This is critical to many communities, as these nonprofits house strays that would otherwise roam neighborhoods.

They also administer veterinary care and rehabilitate dogs and cats suffering from malnutrition. However, without the movement of animals into new homes, shelters are getting filled.

Summer Is a Major Time of Abandonment

To make matters worse, rescue organizations typically see an increase in abandonment during the summer, which is fast approaching. This sudden influx can crush already-taxed systems. With so many pets swamping shelters, the euthanasia rate is likely to rise.

With the coronavirus affecting so many people, current owners may be rendered unable to care for their pets due to hospitalization. In the coming months, shelters expect to be hit hard and need assistance from the community to help as many pets as possible.

There is Fewer Staff Available To Keep up With Demand

Taking pets into your home helps lessen the load for shelter workers Dog Grooming Houston

Although most state and local governments have deemed shelters “essential,” many organizations are cutting down on staff to align with social distancing guidelines. This means there are fewer people to care for an increasing number of animals. If employees fall ill, there’s an even greater strain on the remaining caregivers.

Taking pets into your home helps lessen the load for shelter workers. They can then devote more time and energy to each animal in their care. These workers are dedicated to making life better for strays, and not being able to give each cat and dog the attention they need can take an emotional toll.

You Can Foster Even If You Can’t Commit

Even if you don’t own a pet, you’re probably familiar with the concept of boarding. Dog boarding Houston allows people to house their animals elsewhere for a few days when they need to travel. Fostering is the same idea: Rather than providing a forever home, foster owners provide a safe, loving, and temporary space for dogs and cats until they can be adopted.

For many people, staying at home won’t last forever and can be difficult to care for a pet once life returns to normal. However, in the interim, they can relieve shelter congestion by caring for animals for a few months.

Everyone Needs Companionship

Everyone Needs Companionship Dog Grooming Houston

In the new age of social distancing, everyone is struggling. This is a time when we need companionship but are limited to video chats and phone calls at best. This can negatively affect our well-being, as humans are social creatures that crave connection.

Fortunately, companionship is what pets do best. When you take an animal into your home, it’s a chance to bond. If you are someone who needs to be on the move, having a pet is an excellent opportunity to take walks, play fetch, and have a good time in your backyard. Pets love unconditionally, which can be a balm in this frightening time.

You also have the opportunity to do good. One of the most frustrating things about this pandemic is the feeling of helplessness. You may ask yourself, “How can I make an impact on something out of my control?” However, when you take in a shelter animal, you get to see the outcome with wagging tails, happy smiles, and warm cuddles.

When you have a new puppy in the house, you need to set some ground rules. The Dog House Pet Salon offers dog training Houston and Dog Grooming Houston to turn your pup into the best-behaved good boy. For more information, give us a call at 713-820-6140 or contact us online.


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