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How to Handle the 7 Most Common Dog Behavior Issues

11/26/2019 by WebiMax Admin

It is frustrating to deal with dog behavior problems—especially without the help of dog obedience training Houston classes. Perhaps your new puppy won’t stop chewing your shoes to shreds or barking non-stop as you leave for work. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

This post covers the top seven most common issues you may encounter during your dog training Houston process.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Destructive Chewing 

get dog obedience training HoustonDogs—like babies, always seem to have something in their mouths. Whether it’s your freshly-cleaned underwear laying on the floor, or a roll of tissue paper sitting by the toilet—new puppies love to chew.

“Chewing is a highly destructive behavior that can test your patience and cost a lot of money in the meantime.”

The problem with chewing is that it’s a highly destructive behavior that can test your patience and cost a lot of money in the meantime. There are a few reasons puppies chew:

  • Boredom
  • Teething
  • Curiosity
  • Anxiety

How to fix it? One way to prevent this behavior is by giving your dog lots of chew toys. When you’re away from home, either keep your pup in a crate or keep valuables out of reach.

If you catch your furry friend chewing on something, say “no,” and replace whatever’s in his mouth with a chew toy.

2. Biting

Dog’s bite for many reasons. Some include:

  • Feeling threatened or nervous
  • Sickness or pain
  • Fear
  • Defensiveness
  • Predatory instinct

One thing’s for sure: Most dogs don’t bite to cause harm. Most do so out of instinct. Usually, dogs bite to protect themselves as an act of self-defense.

How to fix it? In such cases, owners can help. Proper training, socialization, and breeding methods are great tools for overcoming a biting canine. Adequate quality time and socialization with other animals and strangers are necessary.

3. Excessive Barking 

There’s nothing quite as aggravating as a dog who barks, growls, or howls every chance they get. While barking can alert you of suspicious activity in your backyard, excessive barking is a problem.

Pet grooming and boarding servicesFirst thing’s first: Try to find out why your dog is barking. Since dogs can’t speak, they use barking to get what they want. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is my dog hungry?
  • Has my dog gone potty recently?
  • Is there a company at the front door?

Once you rule out any clear reasons for barking, the next thing to do is figure out how to solve the issue.

How to fix it? First, you need to figure out what situations make your pup bark. Then train accordingly.

For example, if your dog barks every time you grab your keys to leave, you can train him to feel comfortable in such situations. Next time you grab your keys, walk out the door for a few minutes—then come back. That way, your dog will stop associating the jingle of keys with you leaving. Make sense?

4. Digging

If you notice holes near your fence area, then digging may be to blame. This dog training issue is primarily breed-related. Because of this, research your breed to determine whether digging is a tendency. If your dog’s breed is prone to digging—thankfully—dog training Houston TX can help.

Tip: Give your furry friend a sandbox in the backyard that he can go to town in. Trust me, your fence will thank you later!

How to fix it? When you catch your dog in the act, say “no.” Then give him his favorite toy. Try your best to find him before or during the act, not after.

5. Aggression 

In moderation, aggression can be a great way to ward off burglars. A growling dog in the backyard is an excellent way to reinforce that “Beware of Dog” sign posted on your fence.

However, aggression in everyday circumstances puts you and your loved ones into danger. Like biting, aggression is usually out of instinct when your dog is afraid or nervous. 

How to fix it? If your dog becomes overly aggressive toward strangers, you may need to muzzle him in public. While his aggression is usually nothing more than a scare tactic, it can easily frighten those around you. To avoid excessive aggression, make sure you socialize your dog thoroughly with other dogs and strangers. You can also enroll in our dog obedience training Houston to control its aggression

6. Begging 

Begging for food at the dinner table is one of the most common behavior problems people deal with daily. As cute as those puppy dog eyes are, you must practice self-control and resist!

You may have read the children’s book “If you give a mouse a cookie,” growing up. If not, here’s the main idea:

“If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk.”

What does this quote by Laura Numeroff mean? Let me clarify…

If you give him a piece of steak, he’ll come back for the whole T-Bone!

How to fix it? Prevention is the best way to keep help your dog lose hope. As tempting as it is to give your pup some of your dinners—ignoring him is the best course of action. If he still begs, put him in his crate during mealtime.

dog emotions and dog grooming

7. Separation Anxiety

If your dog cries anytime you’re out of sight; he may have separation anxiety. While this behavior is more common for puppies, adult dogs can suffer from separation anxiety if you don’t resolve the issue.

How to fix it? Separation anxiety usually occurs when your pup doesn’t know you will come back. To help increase his confidence in you, start leaving your dog alone little by little. Start by leaving him alone for five to ten minutes. Over time, gradually increase how long you’re away from your furry friend.

Tip: It’s important to make your dog’s crate a safe space to help soothe their separation anxiety. Pack the crate with comfy fluffy blankets and your pup’s favorite toys for an added effect. You can also play relaxing pet music to help calm your dog while you’re away.

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