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This Guide is All You Need for Keeping Dog Hair Under Control

09/20/2019 by WebiMax Admin

As much as you love your dog, excessive shedding can affect the cleanliness of your home. At the Dog House Pet Salon, we know that a clean and fresh pet is a happy pet. That’s why our pet grooming Houston experts have put together these tips to help manage excessive shedding.

Breed Specific Grooming

pet Grooming HoustonKeeping your pet clean and groomed is one of the most basic pet care responsibilities. Regular grooming at a professional salon ensures the general well-being of your pup. It also removes sticks, matted fur, bumps, and other things, keeping them and your home clean.

The degree of shedding depends on the breed of your canine buddy. For example, German Shepard’s are prone to heavy shedding, whereas Schnauzer’s hardly shed at all.

“The degree of shedding depends on the breed of your canine buddy.”

All things considered; certain dog breeds have specific grooming concerns. If you’re not sure how to best groom your specific breed, feel free to speak with one of our professional dog groomers.

While shedding differs from breed to breed, it can also be a sign of heightened stress, poor diet, or a medical issue. If you notice sudden hair loss or patching on your pet, seek advice from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Brush Often

When you crank up the AC, the last thing you want to see is a dog hair tumbleweed blowing across the kitchen floor.

Don’t fret! Regular brushing will prevent fallen fur from clinging onto your fabric and other furniture. It also improves your pet’s health by redistributing oils throughout their coat.

Our pet grooming Houston professionals recommend brushing your dog up to once or twice a day! That can seem like a lot, but a little goes a long way—plus it will save hours you would’ve spent vacuuming.

To begin, ask your dog to sit and reward good behavior with a treat.  Then, before getting started, let your dog sniff the brush you are using. For nervous dogs, start by brushing the tail and working your way forward.

Use the Correct Brush

equipment for pet groomingDifferent types of dogs need different kinds of brushes. Knowing which brush to use depends on your pup’s hair length, thickness, and texture. It wouldn’t make sense to use the same brush for a poodle as you would for a corgi. Each breed’s hair is different.

Many pet owners don’t know how important it is to choose the right brush for your furry friend. When you pick the right brush, your pup will learn to enjoy the grooming process.

Your pet’s coat type will determine which brush to pick. For now, lets will narrow it down to the three main brushes used for different coat types.

  • Bristle Brushes

Bristle Brushes are very versatile and work with a lot of different coat types.  Yet, the widely spaced and longer bristles work well for pets with longer coats. The more coarse your pup’s fur, the stiffer the bristle needed.

  • Wire-Pin Brushes

Dogs with medium to long curly or wooly coats work best with wire pin brushes.

  • Slicker Brushes

These brushes are made from wire bristles and help remove tangled or matted dog hair.

Not sure which brush to use on your pup, or interested in booking a dog grooming appointment? Contact one of our attentive staff members today! 

Consider a De-Shedding Tool

If you’re struggling to keep up with the amount your pet is shedding, you may need to consider using a de-shedding tool. Shedding tools work to remove dead or loose hair from your dog’s undercoat. The best part? Hair removal occurs without damaging your pet’s fur or skin health in the process.  

“Shedding tools remove dead or loose hair from your dog’s undercoat.”

pet grooming servicesKeep Your Home Tidy

Want a clean home minus the dog hair? In this scenario, your vacuum and handy lint roller are your best friend! If your dog is a couch potato, there is always the option of covering furniture with a plastic cover, throw, or sheet.

Improve your Dog’s Diet

You can tell a lot about the state of your dog’s health by looking at its coat. And when your pet’s health is at an optimal level, hair reduction is less likely to occur — because of this, feeding your pup a quality diet is so crucial.

To ensure your dog meets its nutritional needs, be sure to include lots of digestible protein, vitamins, and minerals into the meal plan. You can also incorporate omega-3 fatty acids into your pet’s diet to promote hair growth.

But before giving your pet supplements, be sure to consult with your veterinarian first. Get in touch with the best salon for pet grooming Houston to keep your pet’s hair totally under control. 

Enjoy Attentive Pet Grooming Houston Services at The Dog House Pet Salon

At The Dog House Pet Salon, your pooch’s happiness is our happiness. Your pet’s safety, health, and well-being are our top priority. As the trusted pet grooming salon in Houston, we guarantee that your pup will be well cared for.

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