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Paws For Thought: Cockapoo Dog Grooming Houston

Dog grooming Houston requirements are different for every type of dog. The cockapoo is a hybrid dog who’s parents are a cocker spaniel and a poodle. Although the AKC doesn’t recognize the breed, it has been bred since the 1950s to be a companion dog that is smart, sweet, a non-barker, and easy to train. Grooming a cockapoo can be a task. The cockapoo’s coat is not hypoallergenic, because allergies are caused by pet dander, which every dog produces. Poodles probably produce less dander than other dog breeds, but a cockapoo also has the cocker spaniel genes, which are known for their beautiful, long coats.

The cockapoo coat can be quite tricky. A poodle’s coat tends to be short and wiry. Loose hair stays in the coat until you brush it out. Cocker Spaniels have long, silky hair that falls out regularly. Cocker spaniels also have double-layers. The outer layer is the long, straight hair, while the undercoat is the soft, thick, insulated coat that keeps the dog warmer in colder months. Poodles have a single-layer coat that is tight and curly.

Your cockapoo could have any variety of fur, depending on the prominent genes. As a puppy, the coat may be soft and curly. When the cockapoo is about eight months old, the adult coat comes in.

Grooming Your Cockapoo at Home

Most cockapoos tend to have one of these three types of coats:

  • Single-layer, coarse, and tightly curly
    • This coat sheds little to none.
  • Wavy to loosely curly, single-to-double coat
    • This coat minimally sheds unless the undercoat is present, which will cause more shedding in different seasons.
  • Double-coated, straight or slightly wavy
    • This coat sheds the most, especially seasonally.

Grooming Your Cockapoo at Home

Expect to spend time taking care of your dog’s coat. If your cockapoo has a straighter coat, more like the cocker spaniel, plan to brush the dog at least two times a week. For wavy or curly coats that are a little longer, you may want to brush two to three times a week.

If the dog’s coat is closer to the poodle’s style, tightly curled, you may want to brush the dog every day to prevent the coat from matting. Make brushing your dog part of your dog training Houston routine.

Cockapoos tend to shed less than other breeds, but if your dog has the double-coat, it can cause a lot of problems during the shedding seasons. The hair that is shed doesn’t fall to the ground but gets trapped in the fur. When you don’t brush your cockapoo every day, the trapped hair causes tangles and mats to form near the skin.

The only way to remove them is to have the coat shaved. To keep your cockapoo looking great, here are tips for home grooming:

  • Use a detangling spray to work out tangles more comfortably.
  • Start with a gentle comb-through with a slicker brush or pin-side brush to locate tangles and mats, section by section.
  • Use a brush to work out individual tangles slowly. Spray more detangling spray on the tool to help work out any problems.
  • Once you’ve gotten, all tangles and mats worked out, brush each section to remove trapped hair from the coat.
  • Trim your dog’s nails and check the ears. Cockapoos often grow excess hair in their ears, which traps ear wax.

Professional Dog Grooming Houston Keeps Your Cockapoo’s Coat TrimmedKeep Your Cockapoo's Coat Trimmed

A cockapoo’s coat can grow up to five inches long, which is why many owners take their dog to the groomer every two to three months. The exact cut you choose may depend on your dog’s type of coat, but you should consider trimming back hair between the eyes and fringe areas to make sure your dog has a clear vision. Many owners also choose to trim the beard to prevent water-logged kisses. You may also want to keep the hair on your dog’s bottom trimmed for cleanliness.

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