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Paws for Thought: Yorkshire Terrier Tips

11/17/2019 by WebiMax Admin

Small in size but big in personality, the Yorkshire Terrier makes a feisty but loving companion. As one of the AKC’s top 10 breeds year after year, these toy-sized pups continue to top the charts as one of America’s most preferred companions. And we offer the best dog grooming Houston TX for your beloved pup.

Affectionate, loyal, and oh-so-adorable, the “Yorkie” has stolen the hearts of many owners worldwide.

Whether you’ve owned a Yorkie before or are in the market to purchase one, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the breed.

Adopting a new puppy or adult dog comes with several responsibilities including feeding it, caring for its hygiene and safety, exercising it, training it, dog grooming Houston TX, and much more.

See below our top five most important Yorkshire Terrier care tips you need to know.

1) Require Grooming RegularlyA cute pup on a grooming table

Did you know that the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is very similar to human hair? Yorkie’s have soft, silky coats and sensitive skin that require extra care and attention to maintain.

If you aren’t skilled when it comes to at-home grooming, you can never go wrong with taking your pooch to a pet grooming Houston salon for a day of pampering!

Luckily, Yorkies don’t shed very much and are one of the best breeds for allergy sufferers.

“Yorkie’s have soft, silky coats and sensitive skin that require extra care and attention to maintain.”

Here are a few essential grooming tips:

  • If you keep the coat long, it needs to be brushed daily to avoid turning into a tangled, matted mess.
  • You should regularly trim the hair on the upper part of the head or pull it into a top knot to avoid eye irritation.
  • Ears and anal glands will require care by a groomer or veterinarian regularly.
  • Try to bathe your Yorkie every week to keep their coat luscious and soft.

Nonetheless, it’s best to leave professional dog grooming Houston Tx to the experts. 

2) This Cute Pooch Loves Attention

dog grooming in houston

There’s no doubt about it—Yorkies LOVE being the center of attention. If you aren’t careful, they’ll wiggle their way into the center of your life.

Who doesn’t love a fiercely loyal companion by their side?

Though they do have a perky personality, they also have a soft side.

Yorkies are very affectionate and need lots of attention from their owners.

Because of this, it’s not advised to leave them alone for hours on end with no playful interaction.

3) They Make an Excellent Watch Dog

Though small in stature, your Yorkie makes for an outstanding watchdog. Their commanding bark, keen intelligence, and excellent hearing compliment his fantastic guarding ability.

A well-groomed dog

4) Difficult Breed to House Train

In general, the smaller the breed, the smaller the bladder.

And paired with the Yorkshire Terrier’s preference to stay inside, you may have to stock up on pee pads to avoid accidents in the house.

If you live in a particularly rainy or cold area, you may want to choose another breed. Yorkies avoid stepping outside for fear of becoming wet.

“Yorkshire Terrier has a preference to stay inside.”

5) Yorkies are Prone to Health Problems

As a petite-sized pup, Yorkshire Terriers are very likely to develop serious illnesses or injuries in their bones and muscles. You have to keep an eye on the situation when playing with children, so their fragile bodies do not get hurt.

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