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Our charitable, tax-exempt mission is to save as many lives as possible by giving homeless and lost animals a warm and special touch to show them that they are loved so they can trust again and return that love.


I served in the military (Navy) from 1989–1993. My passion in life has always been to work with and care for animals. I have 7 dogs of my own (Palen, Rocsco, BK, Chico, Beau, Star and Annie). All of my dogs, except Palen, were found and taken in by my facility, The Dog House Pet Salon. If I could take every rescue home with me, I would.

We have taken in over 290 homeless and lost animals since we opened our doors for business at The Dog house Pet Salon in 2009. We have re-homed 289 of them. Dash has been with us for one year. Dash needs a little more training to become confident and trust humans again. If I cannot re-home one of my loved ones, they will stay with me and live a good life.

We believe that every lost animal with a microchip, rabies id/vet tag number or a name tag should be able to be identified and the parents contacted in a matter of seconds. We created the innovative My Pet Credentials mobile app for that very reason – an easy to use digital platform to empower the parents of lost pets with a means to find their lost pet quickly and efficiently without the need of calling, faxing or emailing.

Pet owners, pet salons, rescue shelters and veterinarians can download the MPC app or register at www.mypetcredentials.com. The cost to pet owners is $16.99 annually. The platform is free for pet salons, rescue shelters and veterinarians.

I am most proud of the lost and found function that is part of the MPC pet service platform. Pet owners enter the microchip number or rabies id/vet tag number in their pet’s profile. If someone finds the pet, they can use the MPC mobile app or go to www.mpclost.com to identify the lost pet by entering any one of three tracking numbers. The MPC platform will immediately display:

  • A picture of the pet (front, left and right Image)
  • The pet’s name, age, gender, breed, color and markings
  • The pet’s most current vaccinations
  • A button to contact the owner who will receive a text, email and mobile app notification with the good Samaritan’s name, phone number, email and message

When someone finds a pet, MPC’s lost and found function assists in reuniting the lost pet with their family, quickly and efficiently, by giving the Samaritan the ability to enter the lost pet’s name, age, gender, breed, color and any markings along with any microchip, rabies id or vet tag number (tracking numbers) and upload an image of the lost pet.

Once the tracking information has been entered by the Samaritan the family of the lost pet will be able to go to our universal lost and found website, www.mpclost.com, to input their pet’s tracking information and our platform will display to the family an image of their pet, the pet’s name as reported by the good Samaritan, age, gender, breed, color and any markings and the name, address and phone number where the pet can be reunited with their family.

This innovative process reunites lost pets found with a microchip or rabies id or vet tag number with their families quickly and efficiently by eliminating the need to post lost and found flyers or waste time calling animal shelters, city pounds or veterinarians to locate their lost pet.

I could go on about all the features of the MPC platform such as transfer of ownership, vaccination records storage, vaccination reminders and scheduling appointments with your pet salon.


We created Donna’s Love Pet Rescue for people who want to help end homelessness for animals and provide an easy to use digital platform to help identify pets, contact owners of lost pets quickly and efficiently and allow owners of lost pets with a microchip or rabies id or vet tag number to be registered with MPC for a quick and joyous reunion!

The donation we receive from you helps with.

  • Vetting
  • Food
  • Training
  • Fostering 
  • Transportation 
  • Spay and neuter 

Our goal is also to educate the community on the importance of spay and neutering, having dogs vetted and properly trained and provided with appropriate identification markers. Animals are family too.

To make a tax-deductible donation by mail:

Donna’s Love Pet Rescue

5917 Richmond Ave.

Houston, TX 77057

A special thanks to these organizations and ladies for always being there for me and for all the animals whose lives they touch and enrich.

Linda Schmuck

Angela Goodwin

Buster’s Friends


Xiomara Beeks

Save a Heart


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